Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'll be seeing you so soon

We are leaving in one week. I have so much preparing that I wish I could be getting done but I feel torn between two wildly different communities. It is difficult to feel a part of and excited about getting to be with the community in Iganga, Uganda, when the community here is so beautiful and rich. God is alive here and is redeeming individuals, relationships, and communities. It makes me sad to leave a place where I can see God’s work so clearly.
I need to remember that God is also alive there. He is transforming the hearts of young women oceans away that have been broken by corruption, hard circumstances, and themselves.
I made this video thing from my trip to Uganda last year. It has taken forever to finish because well… there simply aren’t any words, pictures, or videos to describe what God is doing there. I like this video because it triggers memories of the community that so closely resembles what I think community was intended to be. Community there looks like this: people are free. They are free to be whatever level of broken they are and be able to exist in that brokenness. The response to their brokenness from the community is remarkable, and they are loved consistently. If you’ve won an award or if you have no money for food, the community receives you the same. They don’t love because you did or did not do something; they just love you. I recognize that they don’t have community down perfectly there and there is a lot of mess in the community. I am just real excited to be back in that community once more and to go with Anna. She is really good at knowing and seeing helpful and truthful things.