Monday, July 5, 2010

last one from uganda

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am not the only writer of these blogs. Anna writes them too.
The fourth was celebrated as the last full day with our friends in Bubogo, Uganda. We had church in the morning with several of the regular-attending congregants. Last year, our friend David brought a Gomez (a traditional Ugandan dress) to the airport for Liz and I. I brought it back this year to wear it on a special occasion. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. You will see it below. What you may not see is my insecurity in wearing it. Actually, I lied. You won’t see it below. Maybe later this week. Anyways, I was hesitant on leaving the room, even with the aid of Anna to put it on correctly. We left our room, entered the hall, and an older lady came rushing over to help me fix it because I wore it incorrectly.
The day was filled with finishing a lot of small projects, chilling with the girls in their room, and ended with making some s’mores.
Soccer update: we played two matches with two schools nearby. The first one we lost 0-1 and the second one we won 2-0.
We left our friends in Bubogo this morning and are being escorted to Kampala with our friends David, Noah, and Tito.
We will stay the night in Kampala tonight and head to the airport in Entebbe tomorrow. Then hello USA. Wow. That will be a speedy transition. It frightens me if I’m a little honest. Process process process. That’s what needs to happen.
Pray for our hearts to be prepared for our transition from life here to life in the states. Pray for our hearts to be present for things that are happening now rather than being preoccupied with things in the future.
We’ll be seeing you so soon.