Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

We had the privilege to spend our Fourth of July with a lovely lady, Jane in Jinja with two of our other friends too.
It was delightful.
We started the day at the market, buying Irish potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, ground beef, cookies, coke, and the like. That took up 3 and a half hours. We then headed back to Jane's house to start cooking. We cooked for a total of 4 hours and it was totally worth it. We made hamburgers, french fries, fried vegetables, and chocolate dipped pineapple and cookies. When it got around 10:30, Jane came to inform us that she would be dressing up for our American party. Before we knew it, Jane was wearing her most beautiful Ugandan traditional dress and the man of the house, whom we called Uncle (still not sure what his name is), even wore a white robe. We all sat at the red, white, and blue decorated table and drank our cokes with a smile. It was fantastic.
They were really honored to celebrate the Independence of America with us. Uncle is very knowledgeable about the States and that made for good conversation. Altogether, it was a pleasant Fourth.
Happy Birthday America.

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