Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Snapshots of friends.

Meet the Isangas
This is David.
He is always having fun and laughing. He translated our program for us and let us drive the van! He also bought us sweet bananas, which were oh so delicious.
And our friend Sam.
He is brilliant at the piano and he's just cool. Look at the picture.
Sam and David are two of the sons of Susan and Noah.

Mama! (or Susan)
She cooked us "mzungu" or white people food. She was the one who was always concerned for our health because we "ate so little." Ha.
This is Noah. Smiling. While suffering from malaria. Seriously.
The reason I say that is because it reveals his true character. He joked around nonstop and was always trying to make us feel at home. On the way back from the hospital with an IV in his arm, he demanded the van to be stopped so David could get us a snack on the side of the road. Really.

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  1. I love u Ceen Ceen, Happy belated birthday! u turned 20 in another country! thats amazing, im so proud of you! i was bragging about you to everyone(THE FAM) and how you were celebrating your birthday in Uganda, and they didnt even think about it they said lol. idk, i thinks its pretty cool that you have had the opportunity to do this! I LOVE YOU, BE SAFE, AND HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE! :D