Friday, June 11, 2010

Anna the vegetarian eats meat in Uganda

So here we are. That's us in the airport in Dubai. It’s a few days into our trip and our what could be considered “normal” routine is about to set it. We’ve been busy visiting villages with the girls and enjoying the company of the Isangas. We’ve been learning Lusoga (the language in this region) with the help of our friends Miriam, Namboso, and Oliver.
We’ve danced.
We’ve sang.
We’ve helped with the long process of preparing dinner.
We’ve been honored with having the most hilarious conversations with David and Noah.
All of this and more prove to me that God is alive and working.
It is so easy to see the brokenness of the world here. Young women are hurt by the lack of affordable and quality education and obviously there are deeper issues here besides education. The girls here are very honest about their struggle and that makes God so real. Truth is evident through their stories, their tears, and their laughter It is made clear to me more than ever that we (everyone) are in need of something much bigger than us to save us from ourselves.

This is Anna on her first boda-boda ride. She did well. We went super fast as we both squeezed on this tiny motorcycle and zoomed through the streets of Kampala, dodging taxis, buses, and other bodas. It was wild. We were really close to the other cars… my legs were warmed by the warmth other vehicles.

Next is the infamous Skippy peanut butter that was saved from the coolest lady in the St. Louis airport.

Lastly, you will Anna next to Noah and our friend Miriam. Today we made a tippy tap, a handwashing-station for outside the family bathroom. We also made one with the girls for their bathroom. I say “we,” which really means our friends did most of the work. It was a delight and we now have clean hands. WAHOO!

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