Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"It's okay. I'm a man. Men were meant to suffer."

Yo Yo Yo!
We started building a composting latrine on
Monday. I wish I could accurately articulate all of my feelings and conversations to give you a vivid picture of the past few days. Man alive.

We’ve made significant progress but with much laboring in communication. I think the pictures should give you a good idea of the rest. We had to tear down existing walls and pour a new floor. Now we’re working on the platform that one would stand on. Lord willing, we’ll finish on time and it will stay standing.

Our time with the girls has flown by
and we’ve had some wicked awesome opportunities to just hang out. They are brilliant, in my mind. Our interactions and activities have provided for some sweet conversation about life and God and other important things in life like boys, breast-feeding and baking cakes.
We’ve been privileged to make a cake and last night, we made guacamole with the girls.

We have Bible study twice a week and class roughly twice a week. So far, we’ve talked about basic healthcare and hygiene, stewardship, HIV/AIDS, and sexual education.
We’ve played soccer twice and the girls are really full of energy. We started showing them their videos from their new friends in the U.S. and it has been a joy to see their reactions. Next week they’ll get their shirts (which we’re really anxious to pass out so that we can wear them too). Upcoming events with the girls include a girls’ night of massages and movies, a Talent Show, more soccer, classes about First Aid, more Bible study, an American independence celebration of s’mores, and who knows what else.

The other random picture is of us at Noah's mother's house. She is beautiful, lovely, and very hospitable.

Today there was HIV/AIDS testing at WAACHA for the community and the girls. It was free. Christine and I both got tested. Good news: we’re negative. PTL.

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