Monday, June 7, 2010

The Nitty Gritty

After 4 plane rides, 25ish hours in the air over 2 ½ days we arrived in Uganda (short side note: we got to stay in a hotel room for free while in Dubai—thank you Emirates airlines). We stayed with the missionaries in Kampala for 3 days and they took good care of us. I’ve been well inducted into Ugandan culture—local food, taxis (with 12 other people) and a boda boda (Imagine playing frogger except your’re riding on the back of a scooter, add in large potholes that could eat you and feeling the heat of an exhaust pipe on your leg … you get the picture).

While at the missionaries’ house we spent some time with different leaders from the Lutheran church who were in Kampala for training. They were very helpful to me in answering questions and helping me grasp the feeling of Uganda. These men were honest with their words, kind in their actions, generally hilarious, and faithful to both God and man.

On Saturday we drove to WAACHA, which is in Iganga, Bobogo. A family runs WAACHA; Noah, the father, came in his van to pick us up from Kampala. Together with two of his sons and three other summer volunteers (who will be working for the Lutheran Church of Uganda) we made our journey. We crossed the Nile on our way (rafting anyone? I pick yes).

God has provided richly and unexpectedly for us.

I have really enjoyed being with this family and the girls at WAACHA. Their hospitality seems unsurpassable. We got to attend church with them on Sunday and I am so excited to live everyday life with them.

Next task: learn everyone’s name.


Please pray that our relationships continue to grow and that their foundation would be the gospel. Pray that our hands would be put to good, honest, and helpful work alongside of our new friends. And pray that we would put aside ourselves to seek God’s will, and next to serve our neighbors.

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